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I am a sucker for a good board game night with friends. I have a good collection, from mystery, imagination or strategy. Here are my all-time favorite board games!

One thing that has been saving me during this virus outbreak is having fun games to entertain myself at home. Daniel and I always loved to play board games but since we are in quarantine we have done a game night almost every night.

I thought you guys might appreciate this blog post as an inspiration for new games to order online. Most of the games on this post are for 2 or more players and vary from fantasy, mystery, strategy or just a lot of fun.


2-4 players

You and the other player(s) found an island at the same time and need to start building villages and cities connected by roads. You do this by exchanging natural resources. Depending on the dice, some resources you have in abundance, others are scarce, so you'll need to make good deals. The one with the biggest settlement wins.

There are several other extensions.


2-5 players

Like in a real Escape room, you are locked-in in and the object is to find the codes to escape within 60 minutes by looking at clues and solving puzzles and riddles.

It comes with a code box that actually works. It counts down the time and fits the keys to enter the codes.

It comes with 4 different mysteries to solve, with different difficulty levels.


2-5 players

On this one, you place the tiles to form medieval cities, connect roads, place monasteries and fill in the countryside. To gain points you need to claim these places by placing a wooden man on top of the tiles.

This is probably the game we play the most and we already have a couple of extensions, like the river, the tower and the triangular tiles.


2-8 players

In this game, you and your teammates are spies and are given one-word clue from the spymaster that points to multiple words on the board. You need to find the correct words and avoid those that belong to the opposing team.

This is one of those games that will start some "friendly" fights.

The more people you have playing, the more fun it is!

There is also a version of this game with images instead of words.


2-10 players

This game is played with 5 dice. Each player's turn consists of rolling the dice up to 3 times in hope of making 1 of 13 categories. Each category gives you specific points.

This is a simple game, with a bit of strategy, that is easy to take with you everywhere.

We learned about this game because every time we rented a cabin here in Norway, there it would be. I guess it is a popular game to play in the famous Norwegian hyttetur.


3-12 players

One player is the storyteller for the turn and looks at the images on 6 cards. From one of these, the storyteller makes up a word or sentence and says it out loud.

The other players select the card in their hands which best matches the word/sentence. All pictures are shown face up and every player has to bet upon which picture was the storytellers.

In this game, you really need to use your imagination! Its the best game to play in big groups and it is a lot of fun to see how well do you know the other players.

There are different themed packs with stunning images.


2-4 players

Each player has his own deck of forty cards, with cards 1-10 in four colors. Playing at the same time, each player tries to empty his Ligretto stack by placing the card in numerical and color order at the center of the table.

You need to pay attention and to be fast to win. You can buy the extension for more players. It is easy to take with you everywhere.


4-6 players

This game is from Flying Tiger and it is a kind of Pictionary or Party and company.

You need to make your teammate guess the word or expression by using mimic, drawing, molding play dough, etc.

Its easy, cheap but a lot of fun!

I hope you enjoyed my board game suggestions! Let me know in the comments what are your favorite board games.

*All images are my own and are protected by copyright.

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