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My favourite SAVORY PIES

I have been a bit addicted to savory food lately, especially easy recipes that I can make fast for a party, afternoon snack or to eat with a good soup. So here are 3 recipes for pies and tarts that I have been obsessed about eating lately!


This pear and cheese tart is always a big success among friends. It makes an incredible first dish or snack for a party. I do it all the time!

I always liked to mix savory with sweet, which is exactly what happens here by mixing the pear with the goat cheese and honey. They really balance themselves out.

You can also substitute the goat cheese with Brie.


  • 200g integral flour

  • 80g cold butter

  • 65 ml cold water

  • 1 tea spoon salt

  • 200 g goat cheese

  • 2 pears

  • honey

  • black pepper and oregano

  1. Pre-heat the oven at 200ºC.

  2. In a big bowl join the flour, the butter, the water and the salt. Mix well! Start mixing with the help of a wooden spoon and end up mixing with your hands until everything is well combined.

  3. Spread some butter on the base and sides of a tart oven tray/mold.

  4. Place the dough on the tray and spread it evenly with your fingers until it covers the base and a bit of the sides of your tray.

  5. With a fork score small holes on the base. Place the tray in the fridge while you prepare the other ingredients.

  6. Cut the goat cheese into thin slices and place it covering the base of the tart.

  7. Cut the pear into thin slices and place it over the cheese.

  8. Spread a tiny bit of honey on top of everything.

  9. Sprinkle some black pepper and oregano.

  10. Take it to the oven at 200°C for 30 min or until golden.

  11. Take it out of the tart mold and serve warm or cold.


I like this recipe because it is very out of the ordinary and surprisingly delicious. Its a great healthier movie snack or brunch dish to impress your friends.


  • a hand full of hazelnuts

  • grated Parmesan cheese

  • 1 shallot

  • 4 garlic cloves

  • olive oil

  • 130 g polenta

  • 600 L water

  • ½ vegetable stock cube (crumbled)

  • salt and black pepper

  • 1 egg

  • 250 g asparagus (thick stalks halved)

  1. Preheat oven to 160°C.

  2. Slice the shallots and the garlic into little pieces and place them on a pan. Add a table spoon of oil and then sauté.

  3. Add the polenta, the water, the vegetable and a bit of salt and pepper and then boil in low heat until the water is absorbed and the polenta is thick.

  4. Leave it to cool down approx. 30 minutes. Meanwhile increase the oven temperature to 200°C and place parchment paper over an oven tray.

  5. Once the polenta has cooled down, add the egg and the grated Parmesan. Then mix well.

  6. Transfer to prepared tray and spread to edges with a spatula then, using wet fingers, form a slightly raised crust.

  7. Bake for 15 minutes at 200°C.

  8. Place evenly the asparagus and then brush with 1 tbsp oil.

  9. Slice one garlic to tiny piece, roughly chop the hazelnuts and scatter over asparagus. Sprinkle some salt and pepper.

  10. Bake for 10-15 minutes at 200°C until the asparagus are cooked and the crust is golden and crisp. Leave it on the tray to cool down for 5 minutes then slice and serve.


This recipe is always a show stopper! It not only looks gorgeous but also tastes amazing!

It is the perfect recipe for celebrations like Christmas or Thanksgiving. It is really easy to make and super loved by both adults and children.


  • 400g all purpose flour

  • 1 tea spoon baking powder

  • 50g vegetable oil / olive oil

  • 150ml milk

  • 30g honey

  • 2 eggs

  • 1 tea spoon salt

  • 250g shredded mozzarella cheese

  • 80g onion

  • 1 table spoon water

  • 8 slices of ham

  1. Pre-heat the oven at 180ºC.

  2. In a big bowl add the flour, the baking powder, the oil, the milk, the honey, 1 egg and the salt and work the dough until well combined.

  3. Let the dough on the bowl and let it rest for 1 hour until it is double its size.

  4. On a small pan and the sliced onion with the oil and cook it until golden. Then on a bowl mix the onion and shredded cheese and let it cool down.

  5. Sprinkle a bit of flour on your kitchen counter top and roll the dought to a rectangle, with more or less 28x40 cm. Then place it on a oven tray previously lined with baking paper.

  6. Cut out a square on each corner of the rectangle. Then cut the sides of the rectangle into several strips, letting the inner side always connected to the middle. Then score the sides of those strips. (like in the image)

  7. Place the mixtures of onion and cheese on the central part of the rectangle. Then place the ham on top of that.

  8. Carefully fold one strip from each side, one by one, over the center. Making a sort of braid. Join the tips by grabbing the both ends towards each other and securing the end strips together, getting a crown shape.

  9. With the dough left overs you can shape little flowers and leaves to decorate your crown.

  10. Mix 1 egg yolk with 1 table spoon of water and brush the mixture over the crown.

  11. Take it to the oven at 180C for about 20-25 minutes, until golden.

I hope you enjoyed these recipes! Let me know which one was your favorite.

If you make any of these at home, tag me in your Instagram pictures: @monamiedesserts

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