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Å CAMP - Micro cabin & Tree house

A truly authentic experience in Tessungdalen, sleeping on top of trees and bathing in nature.

Since we can't travel outside of Norway we decided it was the best time to explore the stunning country we live in. So we partnered with Å Camp and drove to Tessungdalen in Telemark to sleep in their micro cabin and explore what the area had to offer.


Å Camp is located in Tessungdalen, a valley in Hardangervidda, Norway.

Isaac, the owner, has built the camp from scratch together with his family that have owned this woodland farm for centuries.

This is a place to take a break from everyday life and experience nature in an authentic, simple, and comfortable way.

Nature here is jaw-dropping. Everywhere you turn, you'll see a mountain top, lurking in the background. But what impressed me the most was the river Tessungåe, wide and rocky, creating this running water noise that relaxed me instantly.

The camp has a micro cabin, a tree-house and during summer it also has tents and a lavo to sleep in. The toilets are outdoor composite toilets. They have several outdoor bathtubs and a communal kitchen.

AURE micro cabin

During our weekend at Å Camp, we stayed in the Aure micro cabin.

Aure means "he who moves along the sandbanks". It is also the local term for trout.

This cabin is a portable unit that can be placed in almost any location, in this case, it stands right by the river edge. Although it is not built directly on trees it is elevated from the floor by a metal structure so when you are inside it, you feel like you are living with the birds up on the tree branches.

Despite being relatively small, I felt that it was the perfect size to be cozy yet having all the space we needed.

One of the coolest things about this cabin is the balcony area with its amazing view to the river, and the fact that the floor has "lids" that you can open/remove for storage or to sit more comfortably with your legs down.

Aure is equipped with a small "kitchen area", with a gas stove. Inside you'll find a double mattress with bedsheets, a duvet and pillows, and a small woodburning stove that kept us warm during the whole night.

Å AUGE tree house

Even though we did not stay in Å Auge, we did had the opportunity to spend a few hours there.

Å Auge means "River Eye" and it is a treehouse cabin. I had never been on a tree-house before and so it was very interesting to learn how Isaac and his father built this house holding itself on tree trunks that pierce through each room and disappear into the ceilings.

The treehouse has a sleeping alcove with a glass roof and two beds on the main floor. It has a "bathroom" with a sink and a place to wash, but if you want to use the toilet then you need to go outside to the composite toilet. There is also a small kitchen and a wood-burning stove.

Å Auge is easy to reach but still hidden away in nature and with the beautiful Tessungåe river in front giving the living room the best view ever.


While we were at Å Camp we tried one of their bush baths.

If you know me, then you know how I love to have a relaxing bath at home. Now imagine the same thing but the only difference is that you are outside in nature and the water is heated by a real bonfire that's burning underneath the tub while you are in it. Yup, you heard me right!

It was definitely one of the most special and out of the ordinary experiences I had in my life! Both Daniel and I fit together in the same bathtub and we had the river right beside us, so the whole thing was quite romantic.

It takes 45min to heat up the water in the tub. First, you need to fill it with river water. Then you start the fire underneath it. When the water is warm, you need to place a wooden plank at the bottom of the tub so when you go in, you don't burn your feet and booty.

You will also have to pour some cold water once in a while so you won't boil alive inside the tub.

They have several of these bathtubs spread along the river. In one part they even have 3 bathtubs together that are heated with another method, just in case you want to have a bush bath party with 2 friends.

All in all, it was a trip we won't forget! We felt very welcomed and will for sure come back one day, maybe in the summertime.

Being surrounded by such an immense nature, sleeping up in the trees, really made us feel relaxed and sad to be going back to our city lives.

DISCLAIMER: Thank you Å Camp for having us. All accommodation/experiences were gifted. I did not receive payment in exchange for this video. All opinions expressed are my own and not edited by any companies mentioned.

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